Consumer Issues

Often, a consumer believes he or she has not received the benefit of the bargain.
In other words, a consumer feels he or she was cheated in some way – did not get what he or she paid for.
If such is the case, the question to be decided is:

Did the other party – e.g., a seller – breach a contract (written or oral) between the seller and the consumer and/or did the seller commit fraud?

California is considered to be a very consumer-friendly state.

I am licensed to practice law in California and Florida and have been in both California and Florida courts.

  • An example of comparing the two states, on the Florida Bar exam, the law to be applied in answering Florida law questions, is what is called the minority view of Florida and the test-taker must apply Florida’s minority view of the law (California law is the majority view.)

There are so many consumer friendly laws in California, the list is too long to include here.

The point, here, is:

  • If you believe you did not receive the benefit of the bargain in your dealings with another, I can help.
  • And, if you believe you not only did not receive the benefit of the bargain but were also deceived, call me so I can tell you about a seemingly little- known Fourth District Appellate Court case that allows for treble (3 times) the amount of damages you can prove in court. The Fourth District includes all of Orange County (and more) and is binding law on all trial courts within in the Fourth District. Call me at 949.552.1170

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