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Credit Card collections Lawsuit. I was being sued by a credit card debt collector in the amount of $11,300.00. I looked online at NOLO and found a few attorneys who had experience with cases like mine. I made a few calls and John called me back within 20 minutes. After talking with him and discussing my situation I immediately hired him and Thank God I did. John was very easy to talk too, he listened to my every concern without judgement or fault. He swiftly took immediate action and went above and beyond what I expected. John dug deep into my case files, found mistakes that the opposing attorney made and fired away. Within less than 30 days, I received a letter from opposing counsel that they dropped the case without prejudice. I was free and clear. This experience was beyond satisfactory. I can strongly recommend John Hamilton, if you need to get the job done, he the man to do it!


Debt collection lawsuit. I was sued by a law firm representing a debt collection agency for just over $10,000. After doing some research I decided to go with John and I'll explain why. Most "consumer debt" attorneys that market online are only concerned with settling your debt and they typically charge you, the client, a fixed percentage of what they are able to save you via a settlement. However, after speaking with John from the get go I could see that he was confident we could go to battle and his ultimate goal was a dismissal NOT a settlement. He lived up to it too as the case was dismissed after only about a month or so WITH PREJUDICE. Very happy with the results and I wouldn't hesitate to use John again if needed. A+


Efficient, ethical and brilliant. I got lucky when I found Mr. Hamilton online. I researched his profile and it sounded like a great fit. He was beyond belief knowledgeable and kept me informed on a daily basis. All he asked of me was that I give him all the info he needed in a timely manner. He took care of the rest. I knew from the beginning that I was in capable hands. I was most definitely impresses with his extensive knowledge of business law and agreements. Sometimes I wasn't quite sure what the legal lingo meant and he ALWAYS explained it so I was never confused. He got me the results I wanted and I would most definitely recommend him to anyone needing an attorney for business. In fact, I already recommended him and that person was also quite happy with the outcome of his case.


Family matter. I had a very sensitive issue within the family that I needed help on. I knew John on a social level for years but had never needed his legal assistance until this matter came up. Since it was a family matter it was critical that confidentiality was maintained at all times. Not only did John maintain complete confidentiality but his ability and skill in dealing with the issues involved where right on. John was always right there with updates and did not pull any punches as regards to what was happening and what to expect. I will definately go to John in the future if his skills and expertise are what I need at that time.


Good lawyer. I've worked with John for the past 6-7 years and can't say enough good things about his ability as a lawyer. He is tenacious and thinks outside the box when it comes to helping you achieve your goals as a client. I would highly recommend him and will continually use his service when needed.


Helped Me Help My Mother. I was so glad to have found John Hamilton. I have never had the need for an attorney before and thank goodness (If I ever need one again) we came upon John. John helped my mother go through what needed to be done when she lost her home in the largest fire in Laguna Woods. He was there every step of the way and negotiated a good, fair settlement. I would recommend John Hamilton to all.


John gets it done. The 5 stars are truly representative in each of the categories. I have had the privilege of working with John who kept me fully in the loop and represented me as an advocate second to none. Typically, if I had an idea on

Jeff H.

John Hamilton - Results Focused Attorney. I retained John to help us with a credit card debt lawsuit. He was focused on the strategy to gain the best result for us. He succeeded in driving a huge whole in the service process used by the other side and then got the lawsuit dismissed. John is a focused, strategic thinking Attorney and I can fully recommend him for any legal advice that you may need.


John Hamilton got the job done for me! I was in a difficult position with really nowhere to turn. Consultations with other attorneys left me less than confident until I found John. John gave me the confidence to defend my position and aggressively fight for my rights. John is not an inexpensive resource but you get more than you pay for in his personal experience and insight navigating a complex case. Knowing I have John on my side gives me great confidence and peace of mind knowing I have a great influence just a phone call away!


John J. Hamilton, Maximum Productivity, Minmum Expense. John Hamilton is what ever family needs for their personal attorney. His service is as essential as a doctor, dentist or veterinarian. He is very professional. What amazes me about John is how quickly he returns emails or phone calls. John Hamilton as been my attorney since 2007.


Great educated and professional attorney! I am so pleased to find John after looking through several websites and reviews. He made everything easy enough to understand and process, using his smart analogy’s and references it was an enjoyable process. He explained things brilliantly and effective, his demand letter got a response within the week and the owed money


MacDonald review. Mr Hamilton knows many aspects of the Law. He is honest and direct to the point. His follow up is responsive and will keep you well informed of the tactics or "game plan" he recommends to use to have the best possible outcome! I would use his services again without question if needed.


Best Lawyer in Orange County John is one of the best attorneys I've had the pleasure of working with. He is very patient in answering all my questions and has a solution as well. He has guided me every step of the way in my current case. I interviewed couple attorneys for my case and John stood out as someone that is very knowledgeable in debt settlement


Really LOVES his work...It does not take long before you know that John Hamilton LOVES his work! He treats your case like it is his case. He personally answers his phone and responds to emails. His legal expertise and technical savvy keeps you always a step ahead of the opposition. When you ask him a question...He has an uncanny ability to simply explain complex legal jargon and you won't have to ask him twice for a straight answer. Always up for a challenge...John took my complex Breach Of Contract case and won me a much higher Judgment than I expected.


Respected by his peers and Judges. I have hired attorneys in the past and was always wondering if they remembered me or dropped the ball. From our first encounter, John was complete, well-informed and always stayed in communication. He won our case when there was no hope...he pulled a very timely filing (rabbit out of the hat). I will use him again for anything I need.


Shady Debt Collectors. I found John on and he called me pretty much right away. I had some debt collectors trying to swindle money from me by telling me I was being sued and that the statue of limitations had not expired. This was a 10+ year old debt! He promptly called the debt collection company to tell them to close the file. I'm not sure they will be calling again but I have confidence they won't. Even if they do, John will be my first call.


Thank God for John! My husband was in need of legal council, after being served with wage garnishment papers. and we knew of no one with that area of i went online and did some searching, and than more searching, and came across John Hamilton's name. i also had made a couple calls to other attorneys, but John seemed like the right choice, had good reviews, and answered my request VERY QUICKLY! I was leary at first, like most people are when they must obtain legal council, but he was so knowledgeable and quick to respond back with all my questions and emails, and his sense of humor had me giggling at times. His legal fee's seem fair compared to some ive seen. and although not cheap, he was worth every penny spent. We went to court, and.. WON OUR CASE! John was able to get the monthly garnishment reduced to a very fair amount so that it would not cause extreme financial hardship.. not sure if hugging your lawyer is good business practice, but he got a BIG one from me that day! i will keep Mr. Hamiltons number on speed dial, and would recomend him to all my friends and family. i am another satisifed customer! Thank you John for getting back our piece of mind.


THANK YOU JOHN!!!!!. John helped me obtain a court judgement of $11,500. I had co signed a student loan for $12,500 with my ex girlfriend, years a go, and she wound up defaulting on the loan. It went into collections and I ended up paying the loan in full, after negotiations, for $11,000. My ex would not pay a penny back to me and that's when I hired John. He was able to properly file all the necessary documents and help me with EVERY legal advice I needed step by step. He was available 7 days a week and even at night for timely responses to all of my emails. I highly recommend John for his attention to detail, knowledge, and understanding of the legal systems. Thanks again!!


Very professional and exceptional lawyer. I contacted John to help with my dad's case and he was exceptionally. He explained the case very clearly to me on what needs to be done. He answered all my questions and concerns promptly. At the end he was able to get the case dismissed within days of me contacting him.


Online search results in straight forward response. I went online looking for a attorney to represent me in a Chase credit card debt lawsuit being handled by the Moore Law Group. I called John, and he actually answers his own phone. That was a time saver and I did not have to wait for a call back. We had a brief discussion about my situation and he gave me sound advice. I was

Wilson Dan

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