‘Ghostbusters’ Cameraman Busts Assault Suspect

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Movie buffs can barely contain their excitement for the upcoming all-female “Ghostbusters” reboot. Turns out law enforcement officials in Boston might be thankful for the film as well.

A woman who was shoved to the street in Boston on Wednesday passed away yesterday, and officers think they found the person responsible, thanks to a cameraman working on the movie.

Who You Gonna Call?

According to Suffolk County authorities, the unidentified victim bumped into Tajanetta Downing in Boston’s Chinatown district. They believe Downing retaliated, shoving the victim to the ground.

The woman struck her head on the pavement; she died from her injuries the next day. Downing allegedly walked away from the incident, although authorities believe she heard a witness nearby ask the victim if she was okay.

Police say they were able to apprehend Downing in part due to the help of the “Ghostbusters” cameraman, also unidentified, who saw the incident. Perhaps his good eye behind the camera helped in identifying Downing, who has been arrested and jailed on criminal assault charges.

Don’t Cross the Streams

While Downing faces criminal assault charges, she may also end up being sued in civil court as well. The victim’s survivors may have a claim for battery. Battery is an intentional touching without consent, the elements of which are:

  • Intent — that the defendant intended to cause the touching, regardless of the resulting harm
  • Contact — that the defendant did make contact with the plaintiff
  • Harm — that the contact was harmful or offensive
  • Damages — that the plaintiff suffered some physical, emotional, or monetary harm.

While all of the elements seem present in this case, at this point it is unknown whether the victim’s family will file a civil injury lawsuit against Downing. Neither the victim’s name nor her cause of death have been released.

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