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Credit Card collections Lawsuit

I was being sued by a credit card debt collector in the amount of $11,300.00. I looked online at NOLO and found a few attorneys who had experience with cases like mine. I made a few calls and John called me back within 20 minutes. After talking with him and discussing my situation I immediately hired him and Thank God I did. John was very easy to talk too, he listened to my every concern without judgement or fault. He swiftly took immediate action and went above and beyond what I expected. John dug deep into my case files, found mistakes that the opposing attorney made and fired away. Within less than 30 days, I received a letter from opposing counsel that they dropped the case without prejudice. I was free and clear. This experience was beyond satisfactory. I can strongly recommend John Hamilton, if you need to get the job done, he the man to do it! 

July 7, 2017

– Julie

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