Can I represent myself and have an attorney represent me in parts of the lawsuit where I need help?

The short answer is yes.  In fact, there are some of attorneys – mostly at smaller law firms – where their law practice is, in large part, providing just such services.   Be rest assured, it is completely legal and proper in California and some – but not all – other states. The concept goes by […]

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Vet Sued for Extortion Over Surgery Threat

A California woman is suing a vet’s office for $1 million claiming that they threatened to report her for animal cruelty for declining a $10,000 dog surgery that she was unable to afford. Karen Kelly took her dog Mojo to a veterinary clinic in Tustin after Mojo was hit by a car in 2011. Kelly […]

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Should Your Business Be Held in Trust?

Most business owners already appreciate the benefits that incorporation or partnership can provide. But should entrepreneurs consider having their small business held in a trust? Once you understand how trust ownership works, along with some of the pros and cons, your business may be ready to benefit from being held in a trust, with you […]

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