Can I represent myself and have an attorney represent me in parts of the lawsuit where I need help?

The short answer is yes.  In fact, there are some of attorneys – mostly at smaller law firms – where their law practice is, in large part, providing just such services.   Be rest assured, it is completely legal and proper in California and some – but not all – other states. The concept goes by […]

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Legal Issues When Matching Employee Donations to Charity

Most companies are aware that matching contributions for employee donations to charity is one of the best gifts you can give your employees. Matching your employees’ gifts can demonstrate that you care about the issues that they care about and it gives employees a voice in the company’s charitable efforts. But no good deed goes […]

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AM Roundup: Hackers Fed Traders a Bonanza of Data, Officials Say

Law Blog rounds up the morning’s legal news:

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Law School Launches ‘Freddie Gray’ Course

Less than four months after the police-involved death of Baltimore man Freddie Gray and the rioting and criminal charges that followed, a law school in the city has launched a new course named after him.

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Leading Questions: A Chat with Ex-Big Law Partner Frederic Rich

Law Blog chats with retired Sullivan & Cromwell LLP partner and “Christian Nation” author Frederic Rich about his latest endeavors and his secret to balancing work life with outside pursuits.

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Michael Jordan is in the Courthouse

Michael Jordan arrived at the federal courthouse in Chicago on Tuesday for a civil trial that will determine how much a grocery-store chain should pay him after it was found liable for misappropriating his image in a magazine ad. The six-time NBA champion is expected to testify during the trial about the value of his […]

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Prosecutors Charge Two Ferguson Reporters a Year After Arrests

St. Louis County prosecutors have charged two reporters from The Washington Post and Huffington Post with trespassing and interfering with police while the journalists were covering last year’s protests in Ferguson, Mo.

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AM Roundup: Nine Charged in Hacker Trading Scheme

Law Blog rounds up the morning’s legal news.

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Are Your Female Employees Freezing to Death?

Women: You’re not crazy. That feeling like you can’t get warm in the office? That’s because the office air conditioning wasn’t designed for you. And it turns out a chilly office can have some adverse effects on the entire staff. So, bosses, here’s how to make your office a comfortable and constructive work environment for […]

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Are You Required to Sign School Liability Waivers?

For school kids, it’s as ubiquitous as pencils, paper, and notebooks. (Wait, do kids even use pencils, paper, and notebooks anymore?) The school liability waiver. For field trips, sports, and other extracurricular activities, schools say not signing the waiver means your child can’t participate. But do you really have to sign? And what does signing […]

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