Vet Sued for Extortion Over Surgery Threat

A California woman is suing a vet’s office for $1 million claiming that they threatened to report her for animal cruelty for declining a $10,000 dog surgery that she was unable to afford. Karen Kelly took her dog Mojo to a veterinary clinic in Tustin after Mojo was hit by a car in 2011. Kelly […]

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Should Your Business Be Held in Trust?

Most business owners already appreciate the benefits that incorporation or partnership can provide. But should entrepreneurs consider having their small business held in a trust? Once you understand how trust ownership works, along with some of the pros and cons, your business may be ready to benefit from being held in a trust, with you […]

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A Lawyer for the “Little Guys”

Collection, Contract Litigation, Business Dispute, Personal Disputes, Fraud. No client is too small and no adversary is too big! I will represent you in court and make sure that your rights are respected.

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Personal Injury Representation

ARE YOU BETWEEN A ROCK AND A HARD PLACE? John J. Hamilton is ready to roll up his sleeves for you. 25 years of experience delivers successful representation to thousands of people who have been injured in all manner of personal injury situations. Representation includes motor vehicle related accidents, premises liability, public transportation accidents, construction […]

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Business Law Expert

John Hamilton has a unique blend of practical business experience in addition to a legal background. Prior to earning a law degree in 1993, Mr. Hamilton had over 25 years experience in the securities, insurance and banking industries including being Senior Vice President of one of the nation’s largest financial institutions in the 1980’s. This […]

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